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We consider it our proud privilege to be members of the illustrious house of Mewar (Udaipur). In the history of chivalry, no more heroic picture has been penned than that which depicts the Seesodiyas of Mewar.
We claim our descent from Lawa, the eldest son of lord Rama, and it is this, as much as the prominence of its chiefs as great sovereigns in India, which leads all Hindus to consider it the first of ruling families. Justly proud of our immemorial lineage, the Hindus yield unanimous suffrage to the ruler of Mewar as the legitimate heir to the throne of Lord Rama, and call him Hindua-Suraj, or “Sun of Hindus”.
It is related that the ancestors of Udaipur family reigned at Balabhi in Gujarat, until that capital was destroyed, in A.D. 524, by a foreign invasion. Guhil (cave born) was the first chief, who founded the state of Mewar in the year 568, and his descendants continued to rule in the same area for generations. Names of Bappa Rawal, Kumbha, Sanga, Meera bai and Rana Pratap are a source of inspiration throughout India.
The house has a glorious historical past, outstanding not only for its valour and chivalry, but also for the spirit of sacrifice it displayed in the cause of the country’s independence.
Shivrati is a major branch of the Mewar (Udaipur) ruling family, the descendants of Maharaj Arjun Singh, fourth son of Maharana Sangram Singh II. This brood of blue blood lay claim to the oldest serving dynasty in the world. Three Maharanas were adopted from this line of the royal family. The last ruling Maharana (Bhagwat Singh) of Udaipur was also from Shivrati. The heroic lineage of Shivrati family compares to no other throughout the whole of India.
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