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It gives me great privilege to welcome you to our family website. The information put together online has simply opened doors worldwide for people to understand and learn more about the royal house of Shivrati, an integral part of Mewar (Udaipur) dynasty.
As a young nation, India is an ancient land, many kingdoms and creeds, some lost forever in the eddies of time. Mewar is historically the most important of all the princely states; for the history of mewar was, for centuries the history of Rajasthan, while, at one period, it was almost the history of India.
India is a dynamic country of infinite contrasts, skyscrapers, cellular phones and satellite television to mention a few, I believe, one becomes accustomed to the advancing spirit of the times and engages in commercial activities, though very few embrace charitable efforts. The Maharajs' of Shivrati have always been philanthropic and compassionate towards life and I aspire to carry the mantle in harmony with the initiatives as cited on this website.
I have tried to assimilate my family legacy of over 1400 years into a more concise version, which has not been an easy task, but I trust your interpretation would allow the justice done. All the content is based on years of research by historians and chronicles written by famous bards of the bygone. A selection of photographs, with informative captions, has been put together which I trust, will enchant you with times of yore.
My family and I invite you to surf through our website and it is our very hope that you enjoy this journey into a glorious past and relive the moments of an immemorial era today.
Raghav Raj Singh Shivrati
            of Udaipur
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